Perot museum of nature and science

This science museum just opened last year and it has been packed since. We went one Saturday and it wasn't much fun, because there were crowds and long lines in front of every exhibit and activity, so it made seeing and doing hard. We went back on a week day, hoping it would be better, and it was, but it was still crowded. These photos are entirely mommy goggles, for my own records, because we had a fun day. My parents went with us, and it was my oldest son's birthday. But there were huge windows right next to huge fluorescent lights, or hardly any light at all in some areas. And so many lines from the railings and walls in the kids' area that I couldn't seem to get straight, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time correcting photos that are for the family album. Milo loves the children's area so much, he and I stayed in that area for hours while the older kids were in the other areas of the museum. He just didn't want to leave, especially once he spotted the construction area- he spent hours wearing a construction hat and vest and passing foam blocks down the conveyor belt. He had a blast playing with the other kids. day-9-1 day-9-2w day-9-3w day9-7w day-9-6w day9-5w day-9-9w day9-8w day9-10w day9-11w day9-13w 9-15w 9-17w day-9-14w 9-19w 9-21w 9-22w 9-23w 9-24w

old man

He is 15 years old and while he's very healthy for a dog his age, we can see the signs of aging. His grey, grizzled fur, and the fact that he can't hear us very well most of all. He's been a part of our family for so long that it will seem like the end of an era when he dies. day-8w

cooking with Milo

Somedays help in the kitchen is the last thing I want, when I have a helper it takes twice as long and results in twice as much mess, and sometimes I just want to get dinner made as quickly as possible. But on this day, Milo was feeling restless so I asked him if he wanted to help me make dinner and he eagerly accepted. We ended up having such a good time together, and he was amazingly helpful, much more so than I would have thought possible with a two year old. He helped me make quiche and salad and followed directions quite well. He poured the cream oh so carefully, efficiently turned the crank on the cheese grater, and knew just the right amount of sea salt to grind into the bowl. He also tasted everything, (we discovered that he loves gruyere and he was happy to drink the last cream drips), but that didn't translate to him wanting to eat the quiche and salad when it was ready. Hopefully, it will eventually. cookingwithmilo

Max's eyelashes

I wish I had his eyelashes. eye

favorite book

I found him sitting in a patch of late afternoon sun reading a Richard Scarry book for the tenth time that day. book


I saw him sitting in the dark with the ipad, headphones on, and it brought home the fact that he's almost a teenager. Just a few more months. Lukeipad

cookies and ants

Milo ate his cookie outside while looking for ants. milocookie2editw

robot goes to the library


sweet boy


robot wedding

Max decided his robot will do something new every day and I can photograph it. Today, Maddie made a girl robot and the two robots had a backyard wedding. robotwedding3w


Milo asked to use the iPad and then went to Netflix and started a Bob the Builder episode. I had no idea he knew how to do that. bobthebuilderw

Max's robot

Max made a robot out of things he found in the recycle bin. Maxrobot1024w