cooking with Milo

Somedays help in the kitchen is the last thing I want, when I have a helper it takes twice as long and results in twice as much mess, and sometimes I just want to get dinner made as quickly as possible. But on this day, Milo was feeling restless so I asked him if he wanted to help me make dinner and he eagerly accepted. We ended up having such a good time together, and he was amazingly helpful, much more so than I would have thought possible with a two year old. He helped me make quiche and salad and followed directions quite well. He poured the cream oh so carefully, efficiently turned the crank on the cheese grater, and knew just the right amount of sea salt to grind into the bowl. He also tasted everything, (we discovered that he loves gruyere and he was happy to drink the last cream drips), but that didn't translate to him wanting to eat the quiche and salad when it was ready. Hopefully, it will eventually. cookingwithmilo


  1. I love how you put this together in a collage, every photo is perfect (I suspect you are a complete perfectionist!!) Anton just wants to cook ALL the time so I have loved staying with cooking-mad Grandparents who are happy to get him involved. It has been a good break from the chaos of help, though I have to say that in your case two chefs looks extremely dignified.

  2. I love this collage! It's so perfect. Yes, sometimes it is difficult having helpers, I agree. :) But then there are times that I am very grateful! It looks like you had such a nice time together this day and made a special memory, not to mention a delicious looking meal!
    Did you have a template for the collage, or did you create it yourself? I really love them, but I'm not very good at getting the lines to match up perfectly.

    PS: I miss being able to read everyone else's comments. The ones posted using FB don't show up. That probably just makes me nosy ;), but it's always fun to read what others from our DD group have to say.