Perot museum of nature and science

This science museum just opened last year and it has been packed since. We went one Saturday and it wasn't much fun, because there were crowds and long lines in front of every exhibit and activity, so it made seeing and doing hard. We went back on a week day, hoping it would be better, and it was, but it was still crowded. These photos are entirely mommy goggles, for my own records, because we had a fun day. My parents went with us, and it was my oldest son's birthday. But there were huge windows right next to huge fluorescent lights, or hardly any light at all in some areas. And so many lines from the railings and walls in the kids' area that I couldn't seem to get straight, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time correcting photos that are for the family album. Milo loves the children's area so much, he and I stayed in that area for hours while the older kids were in the other areas of the museum. He just didn't want to leave, especially once he spotted the construction area- he spent hours wearing a construction hat and vest and passing foam blocks down the conveyor belt. He had a blast playing with the other kids. day-9-1 day-9-2w day-9-3w day9-7w day-9-6w day9-5w day-9-9w day9-8w day9-10w day9-11w day9-13w 9-15w 9-17w day-9-14w 9-19w 9-21w 9-22w 9-23w 9-24w

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  1. It looks like such a fantastic museum! I wish we had one like it here. I'm adding it to the growing list of "Reasons Why I Need to Go and Visit Nicole." ;)
    I'm glad you had such a fun family day and Happy Birthday (belated) to your son.
    The lighting in places like this is tricky isn't it? I think you did a great job and Oh my goodness, look at all those fabulous leading lines you utilized in the children's area! They are awesome! I really love all the lines and curves in that first colored photo and I love the perspective and leading lines of Milo on the top of the slide. He looks like King of the City! Love it! It was so fun to look through all of your images. Thank you for sharing them with us! :)