Goodbye Summer

I have very few photos to show for it, but I did find some from our summer.

ice-cream Ice cream, of course.

bowling Luke and Maddie went over to Nana and Papa's for the weekend, so I wanted to do something special for Max, who felt a little left out. Dh, Max, Milo, and I went bowling and had tacos on the patio of a restaurant where I learned that Milo doesn't know how to sit on picnic table without falling backwards onto his head.

nursies Milo made a Mama out of pattern blocks, and she even had nursies.

hands-on-equations This what happens when trying to do a hands-on math game with the kids during school- Milo inserts himself in the middle and makes it a challenge. Our patience muscles have gotten a good workout.

dr We went to the science museum a lot, since it has air conditioning.

eric-carle-game The kids are so patient with Milo, and humored him by playing an Eric Carle board game with him for a long time.

read-aloud They read to him, too.

read And he read a lot to himself.

school5 School went a lot smoother when Milo felt included and had some little activities of his own.

stacking A favorite toy of Milo's has been this Plan Toys beehive. He likes to stack them, pretend with the bees, use the tongs, and match the colors.

snack A favorite school snack was roasted seaweed.

straw He grew a lot.

tea We had a Japanese tea ceremony after we finished our unit on Japan.

playground We started going to the park again once it got cooler.

Milo refused to take naps anymore, but then kept falling asleep late in the day. It was a rough transition.

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  1. I am so happy you have posted and looking through your incredibly beautiful pictures I can totally see why you have been busy! I You are raising your children with so much commitment and thought. I always intend to take pictures in our apartment but the floor is always too chaotic and shelves too cluttered to share. You are so in control! I should get my children to help more but I often feel too tired for the battle and do it myself. And your photography is utterly perfect. Every picture. You use light and composition to create dramatic masterpieces from your daily life. And I think your life is a masterpiece on so many levels. I adore Milo's gesture of pleasure and pride in 'school2' and my absolute favourite is 'sleep3': divine!